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1. Who can sign the Election Integrity Pledge?
This pledge is for all candidates intending to run for public office in the upcoming 13th Malaysian General Election as well as current elected representatives who wish to declare their commitment to a corruption free Malaysia.

2. Why is this pledge important?
In the absence of an official public document for candidates, this pledge is meant to emphasize the core values required by candidates when discharging their duties as public officials. The public's responsibility is therefore to be the eyes and ears to monitor their elected representatives adherence to these standards. This pledge remains applicable after the General Elections as winning candidates should adhere to the points in the pledge in their capacity as elected representatives

3. Is this pledge legally binding?
No. This pledge is purely a public declaration by election candidates to uphold political integrity and is not legally binding.

4. . Who is monitoring the pledge?
The responsibility of fulfilling the pledge lies with the signatories of the pledge and it is the perogative of the general Malaysian public to hold them accountable to it. The public can communicate with the candidates using the contact information provided by them in this website.

5. What are my responsibilities after signing the pledge?
Candidates who sign the pledge agree to:
Ensure that public funds, resources and facilities are not used for campaigning purposes.
Adhere to the Election Offences Act 1954 and regulations, including, but not limited to, Election Spending Limits and vote buying regulations.
Ensure that their actions and decisions are for the benefit of the general public and are not self-serving. They should practise transparency and openness through full disclosure to and free access to information by the public.

6. How do I sign the pledge?
Please complete either the Bahasa Malaysia or English pledge (only one) and send it to us at together with a recent photograph (275px (w) x 300px (h) to avoid distortion). You can also request a copy of the pledge by e-mailing us at the above address or by calling us at +603-7960 6630.