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Recognising that:

  • The goal of achieving a corruption-free Malaysia requires the commitment of every citizen to fight corruption, practice good governance and uphold integrity; and
  • The Federal and State Legislatures, through elected representatives, individually and collectively, must set the tone for good governance and integrity in the State and Federal Governments;
  • this pledge is a public declaration of the election candidates to uphold integrity & to combat corruption.

This Pledge is voluntary and self-regulatory, and a unilateral declaration of accountability to the general public. The candidate recognises that it is his/her responsibility to live up to the levels of integrity and ethics hoped for and expected by the voting public.

The following contains guidance towards adherence to the above principles:

  • Candidates should ensure that public funds, resources and facilities are not used for campaigning.
  • Candidates should adhere to the Election Offences Act 1954 and regulations, including, but not limited to, Election Spending Limits and vote buying regulations.
  • Candidates and elected representatives should ensure that their actions and decisions are for the benefit of the general public and are not self-serving. They should practise transparency and openness through full disclosure to and free access to information by the public.